About ME

head photoGRAPHER

i am caitlin.
i'm an indiana transplant living in downtown denver and loving every minute of it. i spend most of my free time skiing, climbing, and trying to put in a few miles on my bike here and there.  i love brunch, good coffee, and good beer.

i am a traveler, an observer, (definitely) a talker, a lover of everything unique.

i am a firm believer that if you say yes to everything, it's hard to miss anything. i squish as much as humanly possible into every single day. i am a workaholic, both for myself and for others. i've found that i really have got it all.

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ASSOciate photographer

Rob Klein is an associate photographer. He comes from a background in photo journalism and food photography, but fell in love with the intimate connections of weddings and never looked back. He and Caitlin have worked together exclusively for a number of years on weddings, climbing, and all the adventures life offers.

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