Road Trip Day 6: SF


Woke up across the bay and went straight into San Francisco to the farmer's market (yay for it accidentally being Saturday). I have only one thing to say about the SF farmer's market.... OMG. Go to it and it will put all other farmer's markets you've seen to shame. I mean, there were shallots that were as big as my head. Seriously. Anyway.... the farmer's market aside, exploring San Francisco was super fun. Spent most of the day in Chinatown and ate at this lovely little vegetarian restaurant, loved it so. Ate dinner at Pera and loved that area, Potrero... maybe it's next on the "MOVE THERE" list... just maybe! Enjoy a little of the city.

it was onward and upward (literally) to Portland after dinner.... drove a few hours north and hit a skunk outside of Napa (yay), and decided to stop and stay the night in Ukiah, California, at a fantastic little hotel (not at all fantastic, fyi).

Don't ever hit a skunk. Seriously.