Aaron and Rachel, about to be a family of three!


Remember Rachel and Aaron? This wonderful pair are about to become parents to a beautiful baby girl (whose name I'm privileged to know, because no one else does... you'll just have to wait for the surprise!) and I spent a little Saturday afternoon with them in their home; it's so full of light and lovely, as are the two of them. Pardon the few pictures of the nursery, but baby girl's name is on the wall so I can't show any of those just yet! When we went to walk around the lake, Rachel told me a sweet story... there was a pair of storks that lived on the lake and every day, Rachel would go for a run around that little lake and then, one day, those storks were gone and she found out she was going to be a mama... what a tell, those sneaky little storks! Enjoy this glowing about-to-be mama and papa.