Devil's tower climb


So I'm going to throw it out there that I've been literally killing myself with work this summer. on days where I'm not shooting something, I'm generally found chained to my computer editing and emailing and all other manner of computer work. Being as it's summer, that was found to be totally unacceptable to my partner, and he promptly suggested we take a 2 day trip up to northern Wyoming (read as: basically Montana) and climb Devil's Tower. Now, you may be familiar with this behemoth from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, one of the best Richard Dreyfuss movies ever (apart from Mr Holland's Opus, of course).... but it's really a crazy interesting (and surprisingly green!) area. I vowed only to take horrible photos of the "family vacation" variety for much of the trip. Climbed to the top of Devil's Tower, then enjoyed some Devil's Tower Lager with a very patriotic bald eagle on the bottle ('murica).