james and elisse: engaged!


ladies and gentlemen, this is what I live for... when beautiful people invite me into their lives. not just for an hour, not just for photos... where we really learn about each other and connect. meet elisse and james. every minute with them was perfect and interesting. we did their engagement photos in and around the house she grew up in, where everything has a history and a story. "that bench has been there my whole life," she said. so of course they sat on it for photos. and "this couch... whenever I couldn't fall asleep as a kid, i came out here and laid down on it and it always made me fall asleep." he showed me the photo of him proposing in Iceland. perfection. her mom made them hot chocolate and brought one for me too, a special treat.

these two... you can't GET any better. so looking forward to their wedding in Breckenridge this year.