Jay Seawell


Artists making intrigues me and this is sort of the first of many portraits to come of artists in their spaces (whatever that may mean to each artist). It's a new personal project for me; if you know anyone you'd like to send my way, email me at caitlin@caitlinhamiltonphotography.com.

Sometimes, people can take you by surprise with the way they grow and who they become... for me, Jay Seawell is one of those people. I guess it's mostly because we started out way back in college (because we're so old, you know) in those good old intro photo classes together and the way artists develop is fascinating to me. There's this absurd photo of a 19-year-old me that he took that I look at and can't believe it was the same guy because he's come so far. Anyway. Jay is BLOWING up in the art scene in DC with his previous body of work, "NATIONAL TRVST" (which is AMAZING). He was in Denver around Christmas and I met him for an hour of catch-up while he worked in Civic Center Park. Look for more big things from this guy, oh man.

see his work here: http://www.jseawell.com/

the man at work:

As with all people I see so rarely, an hour just wasn't enough.