In the footsteps of O'Keefe


I figured it was finally time.... finally time to post all the beautiful things that new mexico was to me. this is by no means an exhaustive account of it all, but my vacation was just that.... phone off. driving by an actual (paper!!) map. putting over a thousand miles on a rental car just exploring. exploring the place that was calling to me.

taos. abiquiu. farmington. ship rock. and one of santa fe.
finding the best light anywhere in taos. seeing what georgia o'keefe saw in abiquiu. driving northwest, deep into the diné nation to see ship rock, 1500 feet of volcanic basalt rock that is so sacred to the navajo. making my way into santa fe to discover more things that i can only describe as kismet.
but somehow, i did what i had been meaning to do when santa fe rolled around... i lived. i forgot about the camera for a day and just lived. i saw with my eyes, something i rarely do because i'm so concerned about seeing it through a lens.