west west mercantile


Sometimes you're fated to know the most amazing people in the world, and the women behind west west are those incredible humans that i still have no idea how the universe brought us together, but i'm so glad it did. these enterprising ladies, Alex and Christine, are opening a textile collaborative with goods sourced directly from India on their trips there. i got a message from christine in january asking if i wanted to go to palm springs for some on location rug shots, and a whirlwind weekend full of amazing locations followed. i'm forever grateful to people like alex + christine, who let me run my creativity wild and let me wander around this incredible place putting rugs in weird places and making magic as a result. guys, you're the best and i'm so lucky to have bumped into you in life... let's keep doing it.

locations | palm springs, california.
palm desert, california.
joshua tree national park, california.
salton sea, bombay beach, california.

film developing | the FIND lab