The roadtrip begins!


So I took a little soul searching road trip. Because those are so good for you every once in a while. I mean, you don't really appreciate your home until you live out of a car for 2 weeks (at least, I didn't). Or showers. Now, I liked them before, but now, I REALLY think that showers are great; I think I went the first 4 days without one (OMG).

Anyway. the whole point was to go a bunch of places I'd never gone before (because I think that's so important), which was a goal accomplished! Though I did cheat and go back to Bend and Portland, because some important things are in Oregon (namely, one of my best girls, Erin).

I've decided to skip Day 1. Mostly because it was just driving across western Colorado and eastern Utah to get to Moab to camp for the evening.

Day 2... woke up in Moab, hiked to Delicate Arch.... and this was when I decided I needed to be much more hydrated than I usually am. I know I've said it to people a lot, but Utah really is my favorite state, for so many reasons. a little of Arches:

Upon leaving Arches (before 10am!), the road went onnn and onnnn through Utah. Though I did realize that the oldest living organism in the world is in Utah, in Fishlake National Forest.... Pando, the largest clonal colony of Aspen trees in the world (the colony is really all clones of one aspen tree and its root system is 80,000 years old!), is there, and I decided that I must return soon to touch those aspen trees. It somehow feels like something I have to do for myself.

then... Nevada happened. Truthfully, it looked a lot nicer than I remember it, but I did get my first speeding ticket of the journey in Nevada (YES, there was more than one, oh man). try to enjoy a little of Nevada (especially the photo of me after 2 days unshowered, it's particularly lovely!):

AND THEN... FINALLY... California! Right at sunset, hitting the California border and seeing the eastern Sierra Nevadas... whew. gorgeous. Camped at Mono Lake for the evening and enjoyed the rest of the sunset, in preparation for arriving at Yosemite in the AM!